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On 4 October, I sent a fax to Mr. Dick (the name was changed, of course), a craftsman from the next village. The fax had my signature on and was the conformation of an order. Since then I have heard nothing more. Today I called again, but there was only the answering machine. Let's see if I will ever get a call back. My wife and I have lived for nearly two years in this rural area of Hessen. It's really funny what one experiences here with craftsmen. You don’t always get what you want, but it is always entertaining.

Today I have received an email from a very good friend of mine. I guess there is no better way to explain what is going on in the United States. “The Republicans are destroying the country while trying to blame it on Obama. They shut government down trying to stop healthcare (despite the fact that ObamaCare wasn't tied to the federal budget because it has a separate funding so the Republicans are just hoping that we are all too stupid to realize that).

For a long time mankind thought the worst kind of wasted time was the refuel. The fuel filler is introduced into the tank and you can do nothing but standing around the car and operate the trigger of the hose. Then one creative and wise man invented a deduction tap at the end of the tank snap. Since then people can scrape insects from the windshield or collect coke cans from the fund of the car while the gasoline is running into the tank. Thus, the worst kind of wasted time would clearly be a slow internet connection. Scourge of mankind.

For many it may be the greatest game of all time, but if we are honest, Quidditch is rubbish. The name sounds quite nice: Quidditch. But the scoring? What a bummer! If a player scores with a Quaffle his team receives 10 points. If a seeker captures the Golden Snitch his team gets 150 points and the game is over. So why the fuck should hunters, chasers and beaters work their fingers to the bone? If they don’t change that rule Quidditch will always remain a marginal phenomenon in sport.

People always come up to me
And ask me for another bee
I tell them 'people can't you see
There is a bee up in that tree!
But catching her is not up to me
Because that bee wants to be free
So drive up to the cold blue sea
Or watch some episode of glee.'
But please don't bother me
Again and again with that bee.

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